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XW Interceptor. Wayne's first Ford. He talked Bill Burke into letting him buy this ex-cop car prototype (something not usually done for rookies).

CAMS was either going to go the US way and stick with boxed flares, or the more European look of arched flares. Ford initially thought they were going boxed.

The first Group C 3/4 clay, before CAMS went to arched flares.

The proposal to CAMS. They ruled out the bonnet scoop, wind splints on the guards and wouldn't allow a gap between the wing and deck lid. Wayne kept the car like this for the dealership specials. It's a shame they didn't go for the wing, it worked well (it was eventually used for the AUSCARs).

Wayne's company car. An XB Coupe with a 427 big block and Landau interior.

The windows shook when this parked outside. Another designer, Peter Arcadipane, had one and they used to race each other to work every morning. It's stuff of legend in Melbourne's northern suburbs.

First XD sketch 1973

XD sketch 1974

XE full sized clay development.


Landau interior.

XD proposals. He's marked this one "Yours truly on the bottom".

Escort Showcar

XD in final clay.

XD Group C

XD coupe proposal, 1976

XD progress.

The first XD ESP in clay.

Motor Magazine, 1981

The design studio team in the mid/late 70s.

Cobra XD concept

XE front concept.

Telstar TX5 clay from sketch.

While the XE was in development Ford were contemplating dropping the Falcon (they ended up just dropping the V8). The Capricorn program, seen here in development, 1981, ended up joining the Laser program.

First XE ESP .

Wayne at the desk.

Final XF in glass, 1983.

EA Falcon TX7, 1st concept in glass, 1984

XF Millenium, 1988

EA Tudor, 1984

The Thunderdome days.

EA HO Group C, 1986

EA 3/4 scale, 1984


It got harder to sneak stuff out of the design studio around the mid-80s.

Capri could have been.

4WD Laser, Hiroshima

P6 custom

Aussie Ford designers won the Ford world design comp with this design (also a scale model) in 1989, which dictated Ford's direction for the following ten years. 

Late 80s mood board.

Steering wheels

Bathurst, 1993

Ford test track,1992

Cannonball car.

TX3 in clay, 1985

EA early progression, 1983.

EA LTD concept

Mood board...

EA progress.

Ford Showcar, early 90s

Ford Show car and Indy Pace Car.

BF Drifter

By Steve Park. After Wayne passed away in 2012, his mate from Ford, Steve Park, took over as Chief Designer for HO Phase Autos.

FG drifter by Steve Park

FG GTHO proposal by Steve Park and Rob Draper

Final FG-X GTHO proposal to Ford, 2014.

Final FG-X GTHO proposal to Ford, 2014.

*** Steve Park is now Chief Designer of HO Phase Autos. 

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