Ford Motor Company had dropped out of motor racing. Wayne Draper hadn’t. With help from Howard Marsden, Wayne designed the Group C XD’s out of the Ford design centre (all behind Ford’s back). Murray Carter then helped get it approved by CAMS. Wayne and Bob McWilliam used Phase Autos to produce the road-going versions that would be sold through Ford dealerships nationally (to enable the Group C’s to race). Wayne never wanted Ford to drop the HO name, and was nearly fired over the Group C’s, he was lucky they were quick. He named the production Group C XD the Phase 5 in honour of its origin. The Phase 5 is still available from its original home here at HO Phase Autos.


Bob McWilliam's Original Phase 5, 1980


Shoot for Motor Magazine, 1980.

XD  Murray Carter phase5 Group C.jpg

Murray Carter's XD race car.
The first Group C built but second to race.


The original sketch for Murray Carter's XD Group C.


Outside Ford Broadmeadows


2" flares are also an option